Con Stough
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Swinburne Centre for Human Psychopharmacology

Professor Con Stough is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Swinburne Centre for Human Psychopharmacology and Professor of Psychology. He has an extensive track record in research and consulting and has published more than 250 peer reviewed international expert papers in the area of psychology and psychopharmacology. He has also attracted more than 30 million dollars in research grants from National and International government and Industry sources. Professor Stough has been on the advisory panel for the International Society for Intelligence Research, editorial board for the journal Intelligence and many other journals, panel member for National Health and Medical Research Council and a member of the Psychology group for the World Economic Forum. Many of Professor Stough’s publications are in the area of understanding the biological causes and how to improve cognition.

Professor Stough has completed more than 50 randomized controlled trials on a wide range of pharmaceutical, illicit drug and nutraceutical products with international companies. Many of these studies have been in collaboration with Prof Keith Wesnes who together have shared a lifelong interest in finding ways to pharmacologically improve cognitive processes. Prof Stough with the help of Keith Wesnes and CDR has recently completed a large scale 12 month intervention in 500 60-75 year old healthy participants to better understand the causes of cognitive decline in the elderly and whether two evidence based nutraceuticals improve brain, cognitive and well-being in this cohort. Prof Stough is currently working on identifying the relationship between the microbiome and cognition in the healthy elderly and in developing evidence based cognitive probiotics.