Amee Patel
Global Lead Clinical Scientist
Syneos Health

Amee Patel, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist with 18 years of clinical research experience. Since joining Syneos Health in 2017, she has served as the global lead clinical scientist for pediatric Tourette Syndrome and Lennox Gastaut epilepsy programs and as clinical scientist for global adult and pediatric clinical trials in psychiatry and neurology. Prior to joining Syneos Health, Dr. Patel was a principal investigator evaluating factors impacting the development, course, and treatment of substance use disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and suicidal ideation. As a clinician, her areas of clinical expertise include behavioral medicine, substance use, PTSD, suicide, obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, and personality disorders. She also has extensive experience in conducting comprehensive psychological assessments with adolescents and adults for purposes of differential diagnosis, particularly with ADHD, developmental disorders, and learning disorders.