Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson is the founder and CEO of Kernel, which has built a next generation, non-invasive brain interface. The team is 80, including 34 PhDs. Founded in 2016, Bryan committed $100M to Kernel.

Prior to Kernel, Bryan founded payments companies Braintree and Venmo, which PayPal acquired in 2013 for $800M. Following the acquisition, Bryan founded OS Fund, personally seeding the venture firm with $100M, and invested in the predictable engineering of atoms, molecules and organisms. Many of OS Fund's investments have since become global leaders in drug discovery (Atomwise, twoXAR), CRISPR (Synthego) synthetic biology (Gingko Bioworks) protein design (Arzeda), lab in the cloud (Emerald Cloud Lab) and metal organic frameworks (NuMat).

Bryan is an outdoor enthusiast, having climbed some of worlds tallest mountains, a pilot, and author of best seller children's books Code 7 and The Proto Project.