Gary Sachs
Clinical Vice President

Dr. Sachs is an internationally recognized expert clinical trialist with extensive experience in rater training and clinical trial methodologies for mood and anxiety disorder research. He has been instrumental in developing technology-based solutions for randomized controlled trials that identify correlates of high placebo response, improve signal detection and reduce the risk of failed trials. As Principal Investigator of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIHM) Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder (STEP-BD), Dr Sachs led the largest treatment study ever conducted for bipolar disorder.
Dr. Sachs founded Concordant Rater Systems which was acquired by Bracket in 2010. Dr. Sachs is also the founding director of the Bipolar Clinic and Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Maryland Medical School, he completed his residency at MGH. His areas of academic interest include clinical trial methodology, placebo response mitigation, psychopharmacology, patient centric outcome measures, bipolar mood disorder, and development of measure-based practice guidelines. Dr. Sachs serves on the board of directors for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and Chairs the DBSA scientific advisory board. He has authored over 200 peer reviewed articles.
Dr Sachs is an award winning teacher. He has also been recognized as a “Top Doctor” by US News and World Report, and by Reuters as among the world’s 100 most influential Psychiatrists, Neurologists and Neuroscientists.