Volker Knappertz
Chief Medical Officer
Greenwich Biosciences

Dr. Volker Knappertz is currently the Chief Medical Officer at GW Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Knappertz has over 25 years of clinical trial experience and 17 years of pharmaceutical drug development experience, holding leadership positions with responsibilities for managing international clinical trial and medical affairs programs. Prior to joining GW in May 2017, he served as the Vice President of clinical development for multiple sclerosis, oncology and biosimilar products at Teva Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Teva in 2012, Dr. Knappertz served in clinical and medical roles CNS, CV, and biologics at Bayer Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca. Dr. Knappertz is a U.S. Board certified neurologist who received his residency training at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where he served as chief resident and was fellowship trained at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He received his clinical scientist training and M.D. as well as a doctorate degree in research on glioblastoma from the University at Cologne in Germany.