Benjamine Liu

Benjamine Liu is the co-founder and CEO of Trialspark, a technology company that is reimagining drug development. Benjamine received his DPhil at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, conducting his work with Sir Simon Lovestone. His doctoral thesis leveraged machine-learning and ‘omics’ to develop diagnostics and therapeutics for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. During his graduate work, he observed the way clinical trials bottlenecked the development of new treatments for patients, compelling him to start Trialspark. Trialspark partners with doctors to create FDA compliant trial sites within their existing practices (like Airbnb), unlocking the 98% of patients and doctors not involved in trials today and democratizing access to research treatments. Trialspark runs trials out of these sites using a roaming cohort of research coordinators (like Instacart). Before Trialspark, Ben graduated from Yale where he was awarded the college’s highest honor and received his MPhil with distinction in Computational Biology from Cambridge.