Ed Cox

Edward Cox is an innovative, inspiring, and relentless executive in the rapidly evolving digital therapeutics space with a background in executive leadership, pharma, tech, investment banking, and public markets.
Most recently, Mr. Cox led Dthera Sciences from inception to a company that is consistently mentioned among the top 5 companies in the digital therapeutics sector and that was granted Breakthrough Device designation by the FDA for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. He established Dthera as one of the pioneers in the sector through his thought leadership, through development of one of the most innovative products in the sector, by finding creative solutions to regulatory and reimbursement challenges, and by raising the profile of digital therapeutics through his interaction with prominent influencers including advocacy groups, pharma, and other stakeholders.
Dthera’s core product, DTHR-ALZ is a digital therapeutic that digitally delivers an evidence-based behavioral intervention called Reminiscence Therapy to individuals with Alzheimer's disease. DTHR-ALZ is the first product to receive Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA for the treatment of symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and could be the first non-pharmacological prescription treatment and first medical device of any kind for the treatment of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Given the string of recent drug failures in the Alzheimer’s field, new solutions are desperately needed by Alzheimer’s patients and those that care for them.
Mr. Cox is also one of the preeminent thought leaders in the digital therapeutics sector, having developed one of its most important products and leading from the stage at several prominent conferences. He was the Chairman of first ever conference on Digital Therapeutics (DTx West in Spring 2018) and the subsequent DTx East conference (Fall 2018), and will again be Chairman at the first Digital Therapeutics conference to be held in Europe (DTx Europe in Summer 2019). He was one of only three selected speakers on Digital Health at Bio Summer 2017. He has been invited to lead panel discussions on the future of digital therapeutics at CNS Summit 2018 and at the CBI Digital Therapeutics Conference Fall 2018. Mr. Cox was 1 of just 3 selected to speak at the Evercore HealthconX conference to educate investors on digital therapeutics. In addition, Mr. Cox has done many interviews with news outlets and market research publications as a thought leader on the future of digital therapeutics.