John Sculley
Former CEO
Apple, Pepsi

John Sculley is the former Apple CEO who has made the systemic transformation of healthcare his noble cause. Sculley began his health-tech investments more than thirteen years ago with the IPO of Cardionet now known as Biotelemetry. Sculley was on the founding team of Rally Health, now owned by United Healthcare, and he was an early investor in the Telehealth company MDLIVE.

John Sculley is currently on the Founding Team and Chairman of RxAdvance, the first large scale PBM platform company. Sculley is a founding Vice Chairman of Celularity, a cell therapy spin-out from Celgene that uses allogeneic placenta stem cells for immuno-oncology cell therapies. Sculley is a board member of Kaleido Bioscience, a microbiome metabolic therapy platform company. John Sculley is a strategic advisor to Zedsen Laboratories, a London-based company that has invented a non-invasive diagnostic sensor system for extremely accurate diabetes blood glucose monitoring. This same non-invasive sensor technology is under development with early cancer tumor detection for both breast cancer and below the skin melanoma without requiring a biopsy. Sculley is a special advisor to ZocDoc. John is a graduate of Brown university, attended RISD, earned a Wharton MBA and has been awarded 12 PhDs from universities around the world. He is a frequent guest on CNBC to discuss health innovations.