Rob Scott
Chief Medical Officer

Dr Rob Scott is Zimbabwean born and a graduate of University of Cape Town. Rob has held leadership positions in global Pharmafor over thirty years. At Pfizer he developed Lipitor and Norvasc, including personal involvement in many large scale CV trials. At AtheroGenics, he designed and implemented the first large cardiovascular outcomes study to be wholly performed by a small biotech. At Amgen, Rob conducted the first outcome study for a PCSK9i, FOURIER. Rob was a member of the FDA Cardiac and Renal Drug Advisory Committee from 2012 to 2016. Robis currently the Chief Medical Officer at Abbvie with responsibility for around 40 new molecular entities, three thousand people and a budget of close to two billion dollars. He also created the Development Design Center, a Center of Excellence focused on using predictive analytics and big data to design and implementing clinical trials. He is a board member of Transcelerate and a member of the PhRMA R&D Leadership Forum. Robis a leader in digital transformation of clinical research.