Ken Koblan
Chief Scientific Officer

Kenneth Koblan, PhD, is Head of Global Translational Medicine & Early Development (TMED) and
Head of Discovery Sciences at Sunovion, which is focused on the innovative application of science and
medicine to help people with serious psychiatric, neurological and respiratory conditions.
Dr. Koblan oversees a team of clinical research scientists with expertise in imaging, modeling and
simulation, clinical pharmacology and bioinformatics applied to the development of new medical
therapies. Sunovion is heavily invested in meeting unmet medical needs, applying innovative AI and
machine learning approaches in the area of neurobiology and working in research collaborations
Dr. Koblan has 28 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Sunovion in
2011, he held scientific leadership roles at Merck Research Laboratories and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Inc. Dr. Koblan has contributed to the registration of medicines in a broad range of therapeutic areas
including oncology (GARDASIL), diabetes (JANUVIA), neurology (BELSOMRA), and the first-ever RNA
interference drug (ONPATTRO).
Dr. Koblan has authored over 100 peer-reviewed scholarly articles and holds numerous patents. He
was selected by PharmaVOICE in 2017 as one of the "100 Most Inspiring People" in the pharmaceutical
industry, recognized for his innovation and collaboration in advancing central nervous system (CNS)
drug development.
Dr. Koblan received his PhD in Biochemistry from Johns Hopkins University and his Bachelor of
Science degree in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).