Don Apruzzese

Don Apruzzese is a persistent innovator who has repeatedly helped companies drive revenue both in new markets and mature/existing markets. The core of Don’s success is his ‘Innovation DNA’ which he has applied across a wide range of markets ranging from Healthcare to Technology, Consumer Products, B2B, Telecom, Wireless Networking, Automotive, Pharma, Media, and e-Commerce. He has applied his principles in all stages of growth including Startup, mature markets (Ford, Gillette), and today’s evolving healthcare industry.

Don passionately believes that great brands are built on a deep understanding of the customer and delivering an exceptional customer/user experience. His command of all marketing elements enables him to craft 360-degree experiences for his clients.

Today, Don applies these talents to multiple companies through his consulting practice and is available to continue the application in the private equity sector as a resource for one or more portfolio companies or as a portfolio company board member.