Kristin Milburn
Head of Health

Kristin joined Headspace earlier this year to lead their efforts to integrate Headspace into healthcare. This includes helping define the overall healthcare strategy with a focus on helping chronically ill patients, burnt out physicians and stressed out caregivers. She is helping lead the newly formed digital medicine subsidiary unit, Headspace Health, aiming to launch the first ever FDA cleared prescription meditation solution.

A twenty+ year veteran of consulting and digital marketing, Kristin’s experience has had a consistent focus on healthcare, technology and the intersection of the two. She is a strategic and innovative thinker, who has held leadership roles in strategy/planning and client engagement at various digital firms with numerous Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and technology clients. After launching her own digital shop and rising through the ranks on the agency side, Kristin jumped to the client side and joined the newly formed unit at Novartis called Digital Medicines in 2015. In that role, she looked to make transversal connections from other industries and find diverse partners from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem and beyond to help accelerate the experimentation and adoption of new digital health solutions to improve the lives of patients. Headspace was one such solution she felt could have significant impact across a variety of disease states, and hence felt compelled to join the team there to help lead those efforts within healthcare.