Kenneth Koblan
Head of Discovery and Global TMED

A problem-solver by nature, Kenneth Koblan, Ph.D., is focused on driving innovation to develop medicines and solutions for patients struggling with psychiatric and neurologic disorders. In his role as head of global translational medicine and early development and head of discovery sciences at Sunovion, Dr. Koblan is using novel technology and quantitative methods and approaches from target identification to clinical trial end points, to bring new medicines to patients.

Passionate about central nervous system (CNS) development, Dr. Koblan joined Sunovion because of its core therapeutic focus in this area of research. He is using his abilities to organize and synthesize scientific data to address the challenges associated with studying mental health disorders and the brain, which present unique and unparalleled opportunities for innovation. Before joining Sunovion in 2011, he held scientific leadership roles at Merck Research Laboratories and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

With global healthcare needs evolving rapidly and the increasing prevalence of psychiatric and neurological disorders associated with aging populations, Dr. Koblan knows that while there is greater understanding of disorders of brain functioning, neuropsychiatric illnesses rank among the leading causes of disability worldwide.