Joydeep Sarkar
Chief Analytics Officer

Joydeep Sarkar joined Holmusk in May 2017 and has lead the data strategy and analytics development across the company. The group focuses on novel passive data capture strategies, predictive models to link different sources of data and finding innovative ways to extract more insights from everyday data captured in health records. Joydeep leads the development of strategic and commercial partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations and research institutes. The group focuses on creating predictive simulation models which can marry quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) and machine learning that can leverage the large databases of patients made available from EHRs.

Joydeep has a background in biomedical engineering specializing in computational modeling of biological systems. He has over 12 years of experience in developing large scale models that can be used for drug development, acute care etc. He is considered one of the leaders in the field of QSP and has worked extensively with most large pharma companies and medical device manufacturers. He finished graduate school in Case Western with extensive experience in wet labs as well as deep understanding of clinical practice through direct interactions with clinicians at Cleveland Clinic, UPMC to name a few. At Holmusk he is leading the development of a new breed of models that can adapt QSP to demands of the drug development business and real world insights (RWI) by leveraging the new generation of GPUs.

When he is not working at Holmusk, Joydeep continues to work on research questions and has a long list of publications and presentations going back to the early days of graduate school. Bringing data driven decision-making to every aspect of healthcare delivery and drug development is a passion and mission for Joydeep.