Yuri Maricich
Chief Medical Officer
Pear Therapeutics

Dr. Maricich leads the Clinical/Regulatory team at Pear Therapeutics as the Chief Medical Officer and Head of Clinical Development. He collaborates with the executive team on management and strategy. He leads and manages the clinical development programs from Discovery/TPP to Therapeutic, Translational, Clinical Development, through Regulatory submission and prosecution. He leads the team for Pear’s reSET clinical program, including the team and strategy for their De Novo Request/Submission of reSET to the FDA, which was cleared by the FDA as the first prescription digital therapeutic to treat disease. In addition to overseeing subsequent pipeline programs, including reSET-O (1st drug/software combination), Dr. Maricich leads Medical Affairs, responsible for successful coverage decisions and works closely with the Pear BD team on business development and biopharma deals and partnerships.

Dr. Maricich is a licensed, board-certified physician, investor, clinical developer and strategist. He works to improve patient health and our healthcare system by providing care, investing in, advising, and providing leadership at innovative firms. He has worked with and lead successful teams and programs at Healthcare & Life Science/biotech (HLS) firms, including Corixa (acquired by GlaxoSmithKline), Xdynia (acquired by Cavion), Cavion, AWS, and Pear Therapeutics (1st FDA-cleared, clinically validated digital therapeutic to treat disease) and maintains clinical practice. He founded a digital health firm while a 3rd year med student that used AI and NLP to structure clinical data.

Dr. Maricich has worked across HLS, biotech and investment firms, including therapeutics, diagnostics, genomics, leading cloud computing firm, digital health, value-driven care, medical devices and intellectual property law. He invests in public and private firms and has directly raised millions of institutional financing as well as multiple partnerships with biopharma companies. As a 2nd year medical student he founded the Pathos Project. He is a published author and frequent speaker.

Dr. Maricich earned his M.D. degree at the University of Washington School of Medicine, M.B.A from Harvard University, and his undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame. He completed internal medicine training at the University of Virginia Health System.