Noah Craft
Co Founder and CEO
Science 37

Dr. Craft is the co-founder and CEO for Science 37. S37 brings together scientists, clinical researchers, physicians, technology buffs, epidemiologists, data wonks, and innovators to challenge the current paradigms of how we do clinical research. The S37 secret sauce is a robust and scalable technology platform that facilitates networked patient-centric research, making previously untenable research projects now within reach for small and large sponsor companies and partners. The in-house team at S37 combines expertise and experience in technology, clinical trials, and telemedicine, delivering end-to-end services for Networked Clinical Trials in many clinical areas and research phases -- pre-clinical, prototyping, or Phase II-IV for drugs, devices, or apps. S37 will also work with select partners to bring a much greater reach to established KOLs and experts in their fields.

Dr. Craft was formerly the Chief Scientific Officer and is a now a senior advisor at Direct Dermatology. Direct Dermatology is a leading teledermatology company offering expert dermatology diagnosis and treatment to all types of patients through their primary care physicians or directly to them in the comfort of their homes.

Dr. Craft is also a Principal Investigator at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute for the last 10 years and maintains a translational research laboratory there working on the skin microbiome and on innovative clinical trials in dermatology, infectious disease, and immunology.

Dr. Craft also serves as a senior strategic advisor to VisualDx and