Protocol Advisory Group

The CNS Summit Protocol Advisory Group has been created to review operational and execution aspects of clinical studies from a site perspective.

Review options may include:
    • Medical/Scientific Viewpoint
    • Operational/Implementation Viewpoint
    • Patient-centric Viewpoint
    • Actual Patient Viewpoint

Input is anonymous; this will prevent the answers from being influenced by the site selection process for a particular study. Ideally, this would occur in the early stages of study planning.

The goal is to provide candid, helpful advice to improve the probability of success of the study.

Study sponsors may upload any portion of their protocols, for example: inclusion/exclusion criteria and the patient population being addressed by the study.

Specific questions may be addressed to the Advisory group, i.e. enrollment rates.

The company and the compound do not need to be stated.

We believe that this effort will:
    • Leverage the combined experience of sites committed to improving quality
    • Improve the accuracy of protocol feasibility
    • Improve the accuracy of predicting recruitment rates
    • Decrease the number of protocol amendments
    • Give early warning of critical issues that may have a negative impact on success

For information on submitting your Protocol, please see: Protocol Submission Information »

For information on this initiative, please contact or by phone: +1 (858) 324-1823.