We are thrilled to invite you to apply to our community.

Now in our 11th year, we are excited to announce that we will bring the fun and excitement, the sense of community, discovering new technologies, meeting interesting new people and collaborating to you year round.

More than an annual event for 3 days each year we are developing programing, events, networking, sponsorship opportunities and some of the fun that makes CNS Summit so special beginning this June and continuing through 2020.

When you register for CNS Summit, 2020, you will get access to:

  • Community Zoom calls featuring interviews and panel conversations like this session with Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner & Acting CIO
  • Access to previous CNS Summit content like onstage presentations and podcast interviews

If you register as a Regular or Premium attendee, there’s more including a special networking event over two days in June where you can have pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings through the CNS Summit platform and for our premium members, we will be offering additional curated virtual experiences throughout the summer.

At CNS Summit, we create the conversations that shape the future of clinical development and patient centered solutions.

If you are not already in our mailing list, sign up here to be notified when registration officially opens.

See this recent interview with Amir Kalali and Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner & Acting CIO of the FDA

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