About Us

Founded in 2009 by R&D leaders in Life Sciences, CNS Summit was created to advance clinical development, with a focus on innovation, collaboration and technology.

Innovation, Collaboration, Technology

Our mission is to have a positive impact on the success of clinical development programs. We believe this mission is our ethical duty to the patients we serve by developing new treatments.

By joining the CNS Summit community, you gain access to emerging technologies with practical applications, curated networking and idea sharing, and collaborative opportunities to propel the future of drug development.

  • Engaging keynote sessions
  • Focused spotlight sessions
  • Collaborative community of like-minded leaders
  • Facilitated networking

  • The latest technologies impacting life sciences
  • Drug development leaders' lessons learned
  • About the evolving regulatory environment

  • MEET
  • Pharma and biotech drug development leaders
  • Top innovators in technology
  • Researchers from academic and private clinical sites

  • New business relationships and opportunities
  • Conversations that drive the future for clinical development

Through year-round events and our annual 4-Day Summit, you will gain a renewed perspective on industry trends and insight on what other leaders are doing in their organizations.

To find out how you or your organization can get involved, email secretariat@cnssummit.org

Join us to shape the future.