Global Rater Certificate Database

The CNS Summit Global Rater Certificate Database has been developed as a shared repository of researcher profiles, detailing their clinical trial experience, training and certificates.

The goal of this global initiative is to minimize redundancies at the investigator site level and to create a centralized repository to help Sponsors and CROs track rater training records.

To participate in this important initiative:

  • Individuals can register, upload and maintain his/her records directly on the GRCD HERE.
  • Investigator Sites will be provided with free tools to register, upload and maintain all staff records and 'opt in' to share relevant information with the GRCD HERE.
  • Sponsors, CROs, and other organizations can request information to gain access to the GRCD Email HERE.

Once registered, you will have the opportunity to make your training records and certificates accessible to participating Sponsors, CROs and other organizations aiming to identify eligible raters.

We believe this will be a great benefit to all those involved in neuroscience clinical trials.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us at